Is the infill ban the scapegoat to divert attention from most dangerous microplastics?

On the 26thApril 2023 the EU member states voted to support a revised REACH Restriction proposal on intentionally added microplastics, which includes a ban of recycled rubber infill materials used in synthetic turf surfaces after a transition period of eight years, before the placing on the market of polymeric infill materials become prohibited.

The ban makes no sense, as it increases the releases of rubber crumbs from turfs instead of reducing it over the next 20 years and does not stimulate a more responsible management and use of Artificial pitches.

Furthermore the decision does not address the problem of other releases of microplastics actually micro and spread in environment in huge quantities:

Ø The main source of micro-plastics from tyres is represented by the tyre wearing particles, which are more impacting either for the quantity released or the dimension  = 900 g / person (0 – 0,01 mm)

Ø Micro-plastics releases from Artificial turf in comparison are negligible  = between 3 and 30 g/ person (1 – 2,5 mm)

Ø Tyre wearing in Agricultural sector is the one more dangerous for the concentration and the direct impact in the fields cultivated for foods crops  = 62 g / person (0 – 0,01 mm)

Ø Polymer for seeds and fertilizers incapsulation in Agriculture (ECHA Report) which have also a strong concentration and direct impact in the crops fields = 44 g / person (0 – 0.01)

As there are no benefits deriving from the ban of rubber infill for the environment, nor for the recyclers, as well as for citizens and players, the question arises spontaneously: who will benefit from it ?

Do we need robots to restore common sense?

How A.I. think that micro-plastics issues should be handled.

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 The recycled rubber infill material is again under threaten owing to the Microplastics issue which could lead to a ban of the use of rubber granulate infill material, creating major problems to turf sector and compromising the whole tyre recycling value chain.

The Working Group on Sport of RE-PLAN CITY LIFE has been working on this topic to counter the ban, making evident that it would be useless and counterproductive, instead supporting the adoption of containment measures and a responsible use of artificial turf.

RE-PLAN CITY LIFE Working Group will meet you in Brussels on 29th March 2023 during the ETRA Conference to propose others and more sophisticated method of analysis and discuss further together the possible solutions to adopt.

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