RElevant Audience Plan Leading to Awareness Network for CIrcular Economy Use of Recycled TYre materials in city LIFE

RE-PLAN Project Meeting IN TURIN

How was it?

We are delighted to share the video for a firsthand look at how it was on the 28th - 29th of September 2023!
  •  34 persons from 8 countries
  • On 28th - the RE-PLAN official project meeting and the Workshop on Rubberised asphalt with a fruitful discussion at the end
  • On 29th - visit the Concrete Structure Labs and the Workshop on Recycled Tyre in Building Construction with observation of materials testing up close
We truly value the opportunity of the in-person event with our partners
as it allows for the exchange of direct experiences and lively discussions.

The project

The aim of the project is to raise awareness about the Circular Economy opportunities for Materials, Products and applications obtained from tyre recycling in order to stimulate the adoption of environmentally friendly behavior and practice in urban communities.

The focus is to make available models and experiences that may easily be adopted to improve the Transport Infrastructures (roads and rails), Concrete and Building (steel fibers reinforced concrete for industrial flooring and roads, rubber sheets and layers for noise reduction, recycled fibers textile panels for insulation), Urban and Street Furniture, Sports and Leisure products and applications (sport facilities, rubber surfaces for multisport and leisure activities, etc.)


Budget: € 2.641.170
EU Funding : € 1.430.090
Start 1 January 2022 - End 30 June 2025
Duration 42 Months

Who we are

12 Partners from 6 EU Countries, coordinated by ETRA, will work together for 42 months, to carry on the many Actions of the Project.


For more information about the project and the activity you may contact the project coordinator.


Lot of events and meetings are planned during the project. Stay tuned.

Want to know more about the use of Recycled Tyre Materials and Re-Plan activities?